Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tokyo by iPhone 5

ビックカメラ+ユニクロ Bic Camera + UNIQLO in Shinjyukuアルコタワーと目黒川 ARCO Tower and Meguro RiverAutumn's scene of Meguro River from Meguro-shinbashiアルメニアヨーグルトの朝食 Armenian yoghurt at breakfast東麻布二丁目からの東京タワー Night view of Tokyo Tower from Higashi Azabu秋の風景 a fine autumn Sunday
秋晴れと目黒競馬場跡地の桜 Autumn's fine day and a cherry tree of the old Meguro Horse Racecourse先日のせいろと蛸飯の昼食。数日前はサンマ飯だった。TSUTAYA Daikanyama, bookstore and cafe.The top of antenna was repaired to be straight line. It was bucked up by the eastern Japan earthquake.

Tokyo by iPhone, a set on Flickr.