Friday, 21 November 2014

ウガンダ北部のグルでの朝食 Breakfast at Acholi Inn just before the by-election in Amuru

Just before the by-election of MP held in Amuru District, hotel guests were forced to take breakfast at different space in different building.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Churchill Court Hotel in Gule, Uganda グルのチャーチルコート

It looks well maintained hotel in Gulu, but I decided to stay at Acholi Inn.

Second hand bus imported from Japan

The bus has been parked at TSU2 in Lira District.

P.S.V must be Primary School Vehicle. The bus is imported from Japan definitely. The sign "ことぶき Kotobuki"still remains. 

ウガンダ北部アチョリ地方の中心都市グルでの朝食 Breakfast at Acholi Inn with Bran Frakes

I brought Bran Flakes bought in Uchumi in Gulu to my breakfast.

Old notes of Ugandan currency ウガンダの旧紙幣使えず

Friend of mine sent Ugandan notes to me before I leave to Uganda, but currency notes was changed.


Sesame (simsim) cake - white gold cake ウガンダ北部アチョリ地方グルの胡麻菓子

Sesame, Simsim, is called white gold in this country.

Lunch at Cristina-Doline Food Shop グルグルメ、アチョリのローカルランチ

It is a typical lunch menu, Ugandan local food. It is eggplant with peace of dried fish (tilapia) and mulkhiya on Shindani rice.



Vegetable burger at Sankofa ウガンダ北部アチョリ地方グルのバーガーショップ

a bit heavy for me, but good taste. other sandwiches are nice as well.

Chicken fried rice at Acholi Inn グルのチキンチャーハン

It is one of reasonable menu at the restaurant of Ahocli Inn.

Pizza at Sankofa ウガンダ北部アチョリ地方グルのピザ

Mergherita, small size. it is reasonable for a person. 10,000UGX.


Pool side at Acholi Inn ウガンダ北部グルのプールサイド

There is a pool at his hotel.
味わいのあるホテルAcholi Inn、オリジナルのフロアプランが機能的だった。最近、改装されたと聞く、残念だ。

Sankofa Cafe ウガンダ北部アチョリ地方グルのピザ屋

Reasonable cafe in Gule. American Peace Corps are there all the evening time.

Monkey banana グルのモンキーバナナ

Smaller banana called monkey banana.


Kenneth Kaunda Market in Gulu グルのカウンダ市場

Chinese cabbage, garlic, leak, ginger, etc., are available here.

In fact Garlic is imported from China.


Night market in Gule グルの夜市場

Typical scenes of so-called the night market in front of Central Market which is now under construction.


A big tree in Gulu グルの大木

Many of them are valuable called mahogany.

Habanero is on the table, at Acholi Inn

Habanero is on the table.

Gulu Town School ウガンダ北部アチョリ地方グル市立学校

on the way to Gulu University.

グル大学へ行く途中のグル市立学校 。

Mirror in my room グルの部屋の鏡



Dates from Saudi Arabia グルでサウジのデイツ

It is sold at Indian shops.

Antenna Tower in Gulu グルの鉄塔

Twilight time in Gulu.


Twilight time in Gulu

Gulu University

My walking course.

Atiak-Nimule Road (35km) Rehabilitation Project

at Nimule. this pint is the border between Uganda and South Sudan. The project is financed by Japan.

Big Okra!!! ウガンダ北部アチョリ地方グルのオクラ

at Kaunda Market.

Mango from Kamudini, Uganda

The end of mango season.

Exchange Bureau in Gule, Uganda

Pool side of Acholi Inn ウガンダ北部アチョリ地方グル市のアチョリイン

It was fine day with rather dry climate in Gulu, Uganda last Sataurday and Sunday.