Friday, 14 November 2008

Russia and North Korea sign rail link deal

Russia and North Korea began the reconstruction of a railroad from Russia's Khasan to North Korea's sea port of Rajin, VLADIVOSTOK, October 4, 2008 (RIA Novosti) . The Khasan-Rajin railroad (54km) project includes reconstruction of the railway and construction of a container terminal at Rajin port. The project is estimated at US$207 million.

Russia intends to connect Rajin and the rest of North Korea to Trans-Siberian Railway via Far Eastern Railway. The railroad was originally meant to run from Seoul to Sinuiju, a city on DPRK's border with China, and it is leading to Busan, southern end of the Korean peninsula.

The project would eventually link South Korea's and Japan's export-driven economy to markets in Europe over the Trans-Siberian railway, cutting transit times and costs. Cargo transshipment from Asia to Europe along the route will take 14 days, while sea freight shipping takes 45 days.

Picture: Reuters

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