Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Service Level - 24 hours open

It is convenient that drug stores open for 24 hours. In Iloilo, a Mercury Drug in Iznart Street serves 24 hours. In front of Mercury Durag, there a Chinese first food shop called Chawking, it also serves 24 hours. Both Mercury Drug and Chawking are well known in Philippines.

One day I slept very early time having without dinner after I got back to my hotel, perhaps I had something wrong with my health, then I woke up midnight. I felt fever and was hungry. I tried to think that what I shall do, and I asked to hotel reception. They introduced those two shops near by the hotel which satisfies my requirements.

Later on, I tried to think about it what those shops' service levels are. Is it provided such service in my home town or near by? It is NO.

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