Saturday, 17 December 2011

Isami Zushi 勇鮨 - relatively good taste but their care of customer is self-righteous.

Isami Zushi 勇鮨
4 quai d'Orléans 75004 paris
01 40 46 06 97

Sushi Bar in Paris, this is one the best in Paris but their care of customer is self-righteous.

I invited my friend who wants to taste real Japanese Sushi in Paris and I chose this Sushi Bar. Perhaps it is one of the best in terms of taste.

I could not get in at 19:00 that my friend reserved due to delay of my flight from Sao Paulo to Frankfurt caused by emergency return to Sao Paulo and I missed connecting flight to Paris from Frankfurt. Then I could not manage to rebook certain alternative flight, 15:55 flight, and finally I could book 16:55 flight.

It was so wasting time to get to certain counter for re-booking because the tickets were bought separately.

Consequently I arrived in Paris and I got in the restaurant at 20:00, one hour delay of the appointment time. I was so sorry about my friend's waiting. The tables were fully occupied and I got sense that this is good restaurant as the web site explain this.

During waiting time at the restaurant, my friend was told that you have up to 23:00, then was told that you have up to 20:30. I also told by the restaurant when I got in that you have 30 minutes to leave.

It was so strange and rudeness reaction to customer, but we ordered some dishes. Then we were told that you may stay until 30 minutes more, it means by 21:00.

The taste is relatively good in Paris I suppose but I do not stand their care of customer especially for us that they push to leave us as soon as possible. There were other customers and they stay longer, a couple next to us that they got in similar time to my friend stay longer.

Perhaps they are proud of their taste of foods serving almost 20 years in Paris but not as a whole service. Even in Japan, it is rare case to meet this kind of self-righteous Sushi Bar or other type of restaurant business.

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